Join My Fitness Journey!

So lets be honest, we have all tried to force ourselves to workout for about a week or two and slowly stop. Well I have done this about a million times! I have decided to ACTUALLY invest money into a gym membership and get a trainer to get me started on the right path. I think the reason most people don’t continue to workout because they don’t know where to start! I have always thought the gym was so scary and I have social anxiety because I never feel like I know what I’m doing!

ASK FOR HELP! Even if you don’t pay for a trainer I’m sure there are employees at the gym to show you around on each machine! Now that I have started to learn how to use the equipment I have started to see results and I feel like I am Maximizing my time at the gym!

Here are some products I have been using and I will comment how I use them!

~In a few weeks I will update with results from these products! I am on week two and already feel so much healthier and energized!~



I seriously love this stuff! When you twist the bottom the product comes out like a giant chap stick haha. I normally put this on my stomach and my upper arms and along my back. As your heart rate goes up ( along with body temp and whatnot) this makes you sweat more! I have noticed this has helped with bloating a lot!





WHY HAS NO ONE INTRODUCED ME TO THIS SOONER! This gives me so much more energy and helps me focus on my workouts to work harder! I love this flavor (if you like tea). You can also take this on days you need extra concentration!   Buy Here




I did a lot of research and this is a more natural way to boost your metabolism! I have been taking this for a week! I will keep you posted on the results. (If you cannot swallow HUGE pills this brand is not for you) BUY HERE


Meal supplement! Yum! I LOVE THIS MANGO FLAVOR! I drink this for breakfast every morning because I HATE BREAKFAST unless its cold pizza or cookies….Anyways this gives me a good boost in the morning until lunch time! Also if you are still hungry have one of the protein bars in the top picture I posted! So yummy!




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