Top 10 Favorite Netflix/Hulu shows

  1. Vampire Diaries (Netflix): This is by far my number one choice! If you like hot vampires and a twisted love story this is for you. I am guilty of binge watching this whole show twice……maybe starting on my third. (But who is counting)
  2. The Originals (Netflix): This show parallels with Vampire Diaries, if you like more of the bad boys THIS ONE IS FOR YOU. They are very attractive, they also have a twisted love story going on…I don’t want to spoil it for anyone so I suggest you watch it asap.
  3. New Girl (Hulu): If you want a good laugh this is the perfect show, it is filled with the most awkward scenarios that are so awkward you have to laugh! This show never has a dull moment and there is never an episode that ends with out a good awkward laugh.
  4. Law and Order SVU (Hulu): I have a love hate relationship with Law and Order, I love Oliva Benson because she is for sure the most badass women I know on television. It is full of suspense but on the negative side is I DO NOT suggest you watch this before you go to sleep, I always have weird dreams….Like really really weird dreams I can’t mention on here. (One time my cat tried eating me while we were out to dinner) told you.
  5. Hart of Dixie (Netflix): This show makes my heart happy. It is about a doctor (city girl) who moves to a small town and has to adapt to the small town and a not as glamorous life style. She may or may not find love, just watch and find out.
  6. Gilmore Girls (Netflix): Gilmore. Girls. Enough said.
  7. Shameless (Netflix): Sometimes I wish I was a Gallagher, their lives are never dull and a bit messed up. There is a lot of alcohol, drugs, love and a dysfunction family. The next season comes out in May so you better start binge watching now.
  8. 90210 (Netflix): A bunch of rich kids getting themselves in interesting predicaments. This has everything from wealth, to teen pregnancy, it even shows the struggles of an everyday high school kid. (The main character is from “Kansas” even more reason to watch to hear the awful Wizard of Oz jokes.)
  9. Famous in Love (Hulu): I just started watching this on Hulu and this show is about 9 episodes in and already has caught my attention, it’s very realistic and of course has romance in it. (Seriously, what show doesn’t anymore)
  10. Dance Moms (Hulu): I just like watching crazy moms. If you like Dance Moms check out Toddlers in Tiaras.

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