Read this to survive college…

  • Freshman: Don’t over pack, you will regret it when you move in and especially when you move out.
  • Eat breakfast, I can’t stress this enough. I always forgot to eat breakfast and would suffer the consequences throughout my classes, it was hard to concentrate and very difficult to take notes. Buy easy on-the-go breakfast bars or oatmeal bowls that take less than 3 minutes to cook.
  • Fill out your planner at the beginning of the semester, write down future tests, events and when assignments are due. By the third week of school when you are on overload you will thank yourself!
  • Start going to the gym right when you get to college, start making it a habit 3-4 times a week. The freshman 15 is real…maybe the freshman 20??
  • Rent you books off, stop paying your schools bookstore prices. You will save at least a hundred dollars, if not more, keep the box they come in and use the free shipping label to send them back at the end of the semester. (They sometimes send free Redbull in your box)
  • Ladies, Buy dry shampoo and make up remover wipes, after those long nights in the library (frats) you will need a quick fix in the morning to go to class not looking like a hot mess. Below are my two favorite products


  • ASK ABOUT STUDENT DISCOUNTS! It doesn’t hurt to ask, most places give a 10% discount to students which covers tax but saves a few dollars every time you go out.

life hacks


2 thoughts on “Read this to survive college…

  1. So true, so true… when I go to college, I hope that I can remember all you life hacks. You seem to have it down. Thanks for trying to save mom and dad money… keep up the good work on your blog…

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