This not That

Here are some of my favorite things

Poshmark not Plato’s closet

I use to take my clothes to Plato’s closet and I would only get a small amount of money for my nice name brand clothes that I probably only wore a few times. Since then I have been looking for new ways to sell my clothes and make money (broke college kid)! I stumbled upon Poshmark, I have listed all my clothes I have wanted to sell. All you have to is list your clothes and wait for someone to make an offer. Once the offer is accepted you print out the shipping label the customer paid for and you drop it in the mail box! It’s so simple, I normally just save all of the amazon boxes or shoe boxes lying around the house to ship my clothes so I don’t have to pay for a box. Once the package gets to their house they will confirm and the money goes straight into your account. If they don’t confirm within a certain amount of days then you still get the money deposited into your account. So far I have made $200 from this! Check it out and check out my listings here!

Lip Freak not Two Faced lip injection

I love lip plumper, for those of you who don’t know what this is (dad) it makes you lips look fuller by irritating you lips to swell slightly (Women do crazy things for beauty). It is totally safe and is not permanent. I love Lip Freaks because it does not leave you lips with a sticky feeling, The Two Faced lip gloss leaves your lips feeling weirdly stick and will create white stuff on your water line.




I have a certain love for these shoes, I could not pick one or the other. These both are orthopedic shoes, even thought they aren’t attractive to some people…my feet are happy so that’s all that matters. If you like the lake then Chaco’s are for you because they dry out faster. Shout out to my best friend Meg for buying matching Ecco sandals with me!

More This not That posts coming soon!




2 thoughts on “This not That

  1. It’s nice to hear someone so young say it doesn’t matter what other people think these shoes make my feet happy. Happy feet make for a good attitude🙃


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