Facebook negativity

Does anyone else feel like Facebook has become the most negative social media site?! I have had to stop getting on the site so much because of all the horrible news and people being hateful to one another.

The other day I saw an article someone shared that had graphic content of an actual dead little kid. It was not only horrifying, the image will forever be burned into my brain. I don’t understand why people share those types of articles for everyone to see when it can be very triggering to some people who have witnessed death first hand.

Another thing I see if people who share their opinions even if they are hurtful and inappropriate for social media. I’m not against someone sharing how they feel about topics but their is a right way to go about it other than saying every cuss word and racist word there is.

Facebook does have an upside for people who do not watch the news on TV (like me) because you see world news or your local news quickly and you can choose which stories you want to read or not read.

Where do we draw the line with social media?


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